Birthdays on a budget

Birthdays on a budget

Anyone with kids knows how expensive birthday parties can get. Even if you have the party at home the costs add up- decorations, games, goodies for the kids, food and drinks.

To cut down on some of the cost I decided this year to make instead of buy the birthday cake. Fortunately my kid was not hung up on having an actual cake. So I went with cupcakes!

The only requirement I had was it had to be Star Wars themed and have BB8.

The party store I went to had Star Wars cupcake liners for less then $5 and they also had picks with BB8 and Kylo Ren for $5.

For another $5 I had the cake mix and frosting.

After baking the cupcakes and cooling them i was ready to frost them.

The first layer of frosting was white but the second layer I wanted to add on some color. I had some copper colored food coloring so I added it to the frosting to make it the BB8 orange.

After mixing the food coloring and using a decorating bag with a star tip here is the final product.

Even though it’s not perfect my kid loves it and that’s all that counts!😁

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