Driven by Love

Heirs of Orion Series, Book One

“Driven by Love” is the first of the new series, “Heirs of Orion”. Available on

Anne Stevens was the pride of St. Joe. Her meteoric rise to fame as sexy young movie star made her wildest dreams come true. It also made her the target of a mysterious assailant who would stop at nothing to posses her and her hidden powers. Anne believed her ability to bring cars to life made her invulnerable until an attempted kidnapping forces her to expose her secret to Dean, her rugged and sexy new bodyguard who has uncanny abilities of his own. Seemingly from different worlds they share more in common than their forbidden desire for each other.

Dean was a Marine Corps. veteran from a special team, each gifted with powers of a mysterious origin. Framed for murder by his mercenary ex-lover, Dean retires from service to live a civilian life as a body guard for hire. Dean must use all his experience and abilities to protect Anne from this unseen threat but can he open his heart and let go of his doubt?

As new love buds Dean and Anne must find away bridge the gulf between their different worlds and reveal the identity of her attacker before it’s too late. Will they discover the secrets of the Orion project and the origins of their power? Can Dean protect Anne or will she become the unwitting pawn in someone’s dark ambitions?

Coming Summer 2017

Heirs of Orion Series, Book Two

Book two of the Heirs of Orion series will be out Summer 2017.

Jerilind Miller began to piece her life back together after a messy divorce and mounds of debt from unsuccessful infertility treatments. Long term relationships were out of the question and love was just something she didn’t believe in anymore.

Keith Brinks returned to the States a man broken physically and mentally. After a shocking discovery makes him rethink his life he finds himself on the doorstep of his best friend’s gorgeous sister.

When an attempt on Keith’s life throws them closer then they ever were before will they give love a second chance or will forces tear them and their friends and families apart?