Broomhilda- ulgy, old, and classy!

Broomhilda- ulgy, old, and classy!

Halloween is one of the big holidays we celebrate at our home. I love it so much that over the years I have acquired a collection of different decor to make the house look festive.

Among my decor I have a group of witches who fly around the house or stare out the window and put spells on trespassers.

One of my favorite flying witches is Broomhilda. She has a special spot in the living room where she flys above us all. She’s not the prettiest witch and I’ve had her for years so she isn’t young. What she does have is class. You see, most witches wear plan black ragged dresses and just call it a day. Not Broomhilda. Her dress is pink and black satin with ruffles and is always pressed. She wears a bounty of nice jewelry and shoes to match. You look at her and can see she is one classy witch. She would be the kind of witch you would find going to Macys.

Everytime I look at Broomhilda, she reminds me that you don’t need to fit society’s stereotypes. I know I sure don’t. Different is what makes the world wonderful! It brings color to our lives, just like Broomhilda!


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