Choose Love not Hate

Choose Love not Hate

Choose Love, not Hate

In the past couple of months, I have seen so much hatred infest our society. No one is immune from this hatred, every one of us has experienced it in some way. It’s sad that our society has not evolved and become better. There always seems to be someone who points out the negativity and fuels it so it spreads. I don’t understand these people. Fighting doesn’t solve anything, it just brings more pain and suffering.

I have become sick of this hatred and want to spread positive thoughts to crush this darkness that is plaguing us. That’s why I am starting the Choose Love not Hate campaign. Each message is a positive statement that everyone can spread and hopefully, will make people stop and think before they choose to do something hateful. If these messages can change the mind of one person then that will make a world of difference.

Everyone has a choice- you don’t have to listen to all this garbage and hate people. You can choose to Love.

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